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Simon Hinton, the founder of the London Reiki School, has over 30 years esoteric experience and has worked as a Reiki Healer for over 20 years. He is a well known writer and public speaker on Quantum Healing and Holistic Wellness, and is regular interviewed in the media. He is a Transformational Teacher of great love, power and creativity and has built a global reputation as one of the world’s most advanced healers. He teaches personal empowerment and will work to assist every step of the way on your healing path.

  • “ I studied Usui Reiki with the London Reiki School and never looked back. I am now a Master Trainer with my own clients. Simon helped me every step of the way, and as part of his package I go back and practice free of charge at his workshops. His knowledge is vast and he’s been a great support. I am now a very happy healer!. ”

    Lauren Staniforth

    Barnes, London
  • “ When I walked into the London Reiki School my life changed forever. Simon activated my healing powers and I am now working with him to expand the School. I’ve met so many brilliant people in this work and absolutely love it. Simon has a genius mind and a huge knowledge of the healing arts. ”

    Sian Scott Rogers

    Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire
  • “ When I met Simon I knew immediately he had the energy power, and resources I was looking for to help and support me on my own journey, enabling me to access my own power and true self. Simon, cleared my energy field of psychic attachments and I am now a Usui Reiki Master Trainer. I live a life of peace and joy in the flow. ”

    Tracy Harrison

  • “ Simon’s healing work is powerful and intriguing and I love the focus and dedication he brings to his workshops. I am now a Reiki Master Trainer and recently completed Harmonic Resonance Healing Level 1 with him on retreat in Thailand. I’ve been on other retreats with him in Ibiza and France and that stands as testimony to what I think of his work and the warm community that has developed around it. I recommend the London Reiki School and often go back to practice and hone my skills.”

    Dr Tim Ridge

    Enfield, Middx
  • “ I did my Reiki Master and Master Trainer Levels at the London Reiki School and recently became a registered Karuna Reiki Master too. I have my own practice and Simon strongly encouraged me to teach Reiki in workshops. I listened to him and absolutely love it. He’s a brilliant laugh and I often come back to learn more and practice. I love working with Simon, his students and the very happy energy we all generate. Highly recommended. ”

    Katie Charalambous

    Cockfosters Herts
  • “ I have been attuned to Usui Reiki with Simon Hinton’s London Reiki School and recently flew in from the US for a healing retreat with him in Languedoc. This was a life-changing experience. Simon is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and operates from the heart. We have a great connection.”

    Antoinetta Vogels

    Seattle, USA
  • “ I am now a Reiki Master Trainer, thanks to the London Reiki School. I look and feel so much younger and healthier doing this work. I highly recommend Simon as an excellent teacher. He is very dedicated, loving and highly knowledgable. Just book a session and you’ll see. ”

    Elaine Longster

    Bethnal Green, London
  • “ Simon Hinton has honestly changed my way of thinking and consequently my life. I believe that we are meant to meet people who make great changes and empower us to our full potential, and Simon is one of them. I am truly grateful and blessed to have him in my life. Thank you to the London Reiki School for the healing he activated in me. I am now planning to set up my own health and wellness practice.”

    Jan Jansen

    Hitchen Herts
  • “ Simon is a genius and maverick, and a whole lot of fun to work with. I love his retreats and have studied all levels of Usui Reiki with him. I recently completed my Karuna Master Trainer and Harmonic Resonance Healing Level 1. He’s taught me how to use Light Therapy and the Rife Frequency Technology. As a result I have just launched my own healing clinic in Ealing. Simon is a true master and the best, I’ve learnt so much from him, more than words could ever describe.”

    Ewa Stefanska

    Ealing, London


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